Events and Activities

新Incoterms 2020 工作坊
18 Dec 2019
新的國際貿易術語《Incoterms 2020》 將於2020年1月1日正式生效,最新版本為世界各地的貿易、銀行、物流和保險業界提供更清晰和明確的操作指引。 您可在3小時的工作坊內全面掌握從Incoterms 2010到2020的變更以及正確的使用方法...............
IATA Dangerous Goods (Practical) Certification Course (for Cat 1.3.6 Personnel)

It is a requirement by law that comprehensive and approved training must be given to all personnel involved in handling of dangerous goods. This in-depth program could provide practical skills and techniques to participant in the handling of dangerous goods........

Verified Gross Mass (VGM) of a Container

The amendment to SOLAS Chapter VI, Regulation 2 regarding the verified gross mass of a container carrying cargo (packed container) was effective globally on 1 July 2016.