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Air cargo fuel surcharge now down to Level 17

Some airlines including Cathay Pacific, DragonAir and Emirates, have applied to reduce the cargo fuel surcharge  from Level 19 (wef. 20 June 2012)  to  Level 17. The surcharge of the proposed reduced level is as follows:

          Short Haul : HKD $ 3.40/kg

          Long Haul : HKD $ 6.80/kg

For your reference, the weekly fuel price index for the week ending 8 June 2012 is 509 ( i.e. Level 17) and for the week ending 15 June 2012 is 505 (Level 17). The proposed level ( Level 17) is in line with the fuel price index. 

The air cargo fuel surcharge approved by CAD can be found in this LIST OF AIRLINES