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Shanghai, Singapore, Hong Kong ports show growth for 2007

The Shanghai Port and Shipping Bureau said the throughput of the Shanghai port in 2007 surpassed 26 million TEUs, the People's Daily online reported on 19 Jan. This was a 20% growth over 2006, and the growth is attributed to the port's expansion in recent years and the prosperous export-oriented business in the Yangtze River Delta. The Shanghai port has 42 container piers with routes to more than 300 ports worldwide. In bulk, the Shanghai port handled 560 million tonnes in 2007, ranking first in the world again, for the third straight year.

The port of Singapore, according to the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) portal, registered a throughput of 27.94 million TEUs in 2007, making it the world's busiest port for 2007.

Meanwhile, early estimates for the total container throughput of the Hong Kong port in 2007 shows that it handled 23.9 million TEUs, at a small growth of 1.5% over 2006. Neighbouring Shenzhen handled 21.1 million TEUs for 2007, at a 14.2% growth over 2006.