Events and Activities

Sustainability of Business Models for Freight Forwarding Industry
28 May 2015

 The seminar contents are designed for Freight Forwarding players, local, regional and global, logistics services providers (LSP), institutional investors specialized in Transport Logistics Industry, commercial practitioners and academicians etc.

•      The Industry: Key characteristics of freight forwarding

•      The market: Drivers determining the supply and demand landscape

•      The strategic questions: how might the forwarder's role change within the overall value chain

•      The threat: intriguing example of similar industry ( the fiction for forwarding)

•      The trends: what is impacting the industry with short and mid term relevance

•      The Opportunities: strategic moves to sustain medium term

ICC Uniform Customs & Practice for Documentary Credit (UCP600) and Incoterms 2010
28 Apr 2015

Some international business practitioners such as manufacturers, traders, forwarders, carriers, insurance companies have got unpaid or even do not know the legal right they should have when in dispute. Despite some universally accepted governing rules that Incoterms and letters of credit have developed, lacking of proper understanding of the rules has become the clog of their business development. The course contents are designed for Executives in trading, manufacturing, supply chain management, shipping, logistics and freight forwarding companies................

New Diesel Discount Project

The Council has been looking for ways to help the trading and logistics industry in reducing costs brought on by high fuel costs. With the support and subsidy of the Hong Kong Logistics Development Council, the Council launched a diesel discount project that involved offering Caltex stored-value card at discounted price in June 2009. The Council now comes up with a much improved scheme. For details, please refer to the following notice and application form.

Port Security Charge

A Port Security Charge (PSC) will be collected starting August 15, 2006, by the container terminal operators at the port of Hong Kong, for all import and export laden containers, with the exception of international transshipment boxes and empties, at a charge of HK$20 per TEU and HK$30 per …
The Hong Kong Shippers' Council