Events and Activities

IATA Dangerous Goods (Practical) Certification Course (for Cat 1.3.6 Personnel)

It is a requirement by law that comprehensive and approved training must be given to all personnel involved in handling of dangerous goods. This in-depth program could provide practical skills and techniques to participant in the handling of dangerous goods........

International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code IMDG Compliance Course

At the end of the course, participants will be able to prepare, offer and accept shipments of dangerous goods for transportation by sea. The course will be based on the International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code requirements for non bulk packages in freight containers.......


課程大綱包括: 管制代理人制度的目的,國際及香港法例,管制代理人的責任,已知托運人、帳戶托運人或非已知托運人托運的貨物之處理,豁免貨物,如何識別一個已知的托運人,接收貨物程序(文件查核/外觀檢查),不同申報單的運用,保安措施,管制代理人之間的貨物處理(集運/運提單轉讓),安全控制的類型,貨倉承辦商和運輸承辦商的要求,記錄備存,可疑貨物的處理,質量控制規定和筆試。

Verified Gross Mass (VGM) of a Container

The amendment to SOLAS Chapter VI, Regulation 2 regarding the verified gross mass of a container carrying cargo (packed container) was effective globally on 1 July 2016.

New Diesel Discount Project

The Council has been looking for ways to help the trading and logistics industry in reducing costs brought on by high fuel costs. With the support and subsidy of the Hong Kong Logistics Development Council, the Council launched a diesel discount project that involved offering Caltex stored-value card at discounted price in June 2009. The Council now comes up with a much improved scheme. For details, please refer to the following notice and application form.