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Advanced Certificate in Shipping and Logistics (Sept 2014 - May 2015)

This course was originally conducted by the Hong Kong Shippers’ Council and various other shipping organizations in transport and logistics to train new entrants to the sector. Industry professionals and experienced practitioners impart knowledge on logistics and the supply chain in Hong Kong, China and Asia Pacific, and explain the Best Practices principles that guide the industry today. The course has been assimilated by the HKU School of Professional and Continuing Education (HKU SPACE) and is part of an academic path to higher academic/professional qualifications. The lectures are conducted in English, supplemented by Cantonese. Handouts and exams are in English. Please see the brochure for entry requirements, application form and other course particulars.

New Diesel Discount Project

The Council has been looking for ways to help the trading and logistics industry in reducing costs brought on by high fuel costs. With the support and subsidy of the Hong Kong Logistics Development Council, the Council launched a diesel discount project that involved offering Caltex stored-value card at discounted price in June 2009. The Council now comes up with a much improved scheme. For details, please refer to the following notice and application form.

Port Security Charge

A Port Security Charge (PSC) will be collected starting August 15, 2006, by the container terminal operators at the port of Hong Kong, for all import and export laden containers, with the exception of international transshipment boxes and empties, at a charge of HK$20 per TEU and HK$30 per …
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